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What is Kangen Ionized Alkaline Water?

It is a hydrogen rich powerful antioxidant to provide optimal health benefits to you.

  • This is a type of drinkable, multipurpose water that boosts health and well-being as a result of its powerful anti-oxidant properties. Ionized alkaline water contains free electrons which the human body mobilises to eliminate all radical agents in the body..

  • Scientifically, radicals, when unchecked can cause real damage to our DNA and cells. This will speed up the aging process faster and leave the body vulnerable to a host of diseases..

  • Take a fresh apple for example, cut open and left on the kitchen table for several hours. Within that period of time, the fruit turns brown due to the exposure to harmful oxygen molecules in the air. .

  • The same thing happens in our body. Unstable molecules need electrons to remain stable in the body. When they do not find what they desperately need, the body suffers, subject to oxidation caused by these unstable molecules.

  • Oxidation reduction potential of Kangen Water ®

    ORP refers to the potential a particular substance has to reduce oxidation. In this science, a minus is actually a good thing, meaning that the higher the negative value of Oxidation Reduction Potential, the safer or better the substance. With the help of a pH scale, the acidity of a substance can be measured or determined. pH means potential of hydrogen and a pH scale ranges from 0 to 14.

    What is the Meaning of “Kangen”

    Kangen has a Japanese meaning of “returning back to origin” Or “returning back to its original state” Enagic™ Moto Followed is:

    Change your water Change your Life ®

    By changing your water, you can change your life

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    Kangen Water ® provides an alkaline, ionized, hydrogen rich antioxidant experience, to keep your body in a neutral PH state. It also provides optimal health benefits to those who drink it.


    Kangen UK Water is the best ionized antioxidant drink on the market today.
    Ionized Alkaline Kangen Water® seeps into your body cells, keeping it hydrated and in a neutral PH state.

    Water Oxidation Reduction Potential

    Enagic Kangen Ionized Water machines have an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) up to -850. Making it a powerful antioxidant benefit when drinking it.E

    Enagic Ionized Kangen UK Water

    Enagic Ionized Kangen Water® machines are medical devices, with a WQA gold seal award to their name. You can be assured of the highest premium quality in water ionizers machines.

    Change Your Water Change Your Life ®

    Change Your Water – Change Your Life® is the moto to follow.
    Kangen UK as an independent distributor can provide you access to a Kangen Water® machine now.

    Contact us now to own and enjoy a  premium range Kangen Water® machine.

    8-5-9.5PH Kangen Water® is perfect for drinking & healthy cooking.
    4.0-6.0PH is used for beauty care.
    2.5PH is a strong acidic water with disinfecting properties, perfect for cleaning & sanitising your home.
    11.PH is used for cleaning fruit and vegetables of pesticides and chemicals.

    All of the above products are made from your tap water. When entering the Kangen Water® medical device, the water is split into the categories mentioned. Making it a healthier option to drink.
    Contact Kangen UK to own this potential life saving machine.

    Health Is Important for Life Longevity

    If you throw monkeys bananas and money, they will choose bananas, because they do not know that money can buy lots of bananas.

    If you put money and health in front of people, they will choose money. Because they do not know that good health can bring more money & happiness.

    Jack Ma

    Become healthy by purchasing an Enagic Ionized Water machine – Health is Wealth

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    Kangen UK Alkaline Water Ionizer With Antioxidants & Electrolytes.

    Alkaline Water Purification Medical device For Healthy Immune Systems.


    Kangen Water ®

    What is the Meaning of “Kangen” Meaning of Kangen in Japanese is “returning back to origin” Or “returning back to its original state” Enagic™ Moto Followed is: Change your water Change your Life ® By changing your water, you can change your life
    Kangen Water provides same benefits of 5lb of blueberries

    Kangen Water Health & Wellbeing

    Kangen Water Health & Wellbeing will be informative for people who would like to make a change to their lives. Most people are acidic in body state, it is important they become alkaline for optimal health. Knagen Water helps you to be more alkaline.
    When you own a Kangen Water device, you will start to save money.

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    Contact Kangen Water in the UK, to understand how owning a Kangen Water Machine, can provide optimal health for you and your family.
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