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Bobby Barr Media Based in Halifax West Yorkshire, are one of the top online visibility agencies. As a result, our expert Google digital marketing SEO – DNA visibility and branding services win business. As a result our renowned agency provides SEO visibility for businesses in all sectors. Our services help gain you and your business, Google & Bing 1st page ranking quickly .

Bobby Barr Media provides businesses, in all sectors around the world. An excellent Google web, online SEO Visibility & DNA presence in major publications. Some examples are USA Today, Yahoo Finance and many high traffic PR & DA authority publications. As a result of insightful and top-notch articles, via video, audio materials, slide-share and PDF formats.

Bobby Barr media are very focused on, providing businesses with a much-needed online service. Especially a Google local SEO visibility DNA footprint solution. Because it is designed and tailored to help grow more enquiries. it will result in meeting our clients business strategy.

Online local Google Business DNA Visibility and Branding

Do you want to increase your business enquiries, from new patients, clients and or customers. CLICK HERE because Bobby Barr Media marketing can help you, achieve your goals.


The future for all businesses, is to grow more organic online traffic to their website. As a result new and repeat customers will see your online presence to keep coming back. Because your business is now seen online locally, it is key for new business growth. Bobby Barr Media help our clients do this because it provides a better online DNA visibility and branding presence.

Our online marketing approach leverages massive exposure, on high-authority multimedia platforms for sustainable online visibility. Bobby Barr Media marketing are now in a position to help feature local businesses across the world. The opportunity in all sectors, to showcase what they do because we can.

In providing such a bespoke service it allows new customers to see your online presence faster. new google online DNA visibility & branding footprint faster.Book an appointment call now to start your businesses, Google local SEO visibility & DNA footprint journey, for Google & Bing 1st page ranking, plus FREE organic traffic, for keyword search terms in the future, that will form your online SEO visibility DNA.


Google Expert branding DNA Visibility services

This new service offered by Bobby Barr Media because, we want to provide your business, with high authority citations from major international media news sites. From these high authority PR links, back to your website & social media channels, Google will start to notice and reward you by crawling your website more.

Google & Bing will now start to attribute your domain as being high authority in your niche.

Key to more FREE organic traffic from Google & Bing search engines.

Once you achieve this status, Google will provide your website with more organic traffic, for many new keywords phrases for your business. Because you now have a better, Google web DNA visibility & branding for your company. This new authority is what will, provide your business with new enquiries for many years to come & for FREE .

Halifax Visibility DNA Google Marketing Guide

Bobby Barr Media will allow its clients, 3,6 OR 12 month campaigns as part of our service to provide the best results. After 3 months, or once you have enough customers, you can pause campaigns until you are ready to grow again.

For some businesses, Bobby Barr Media can be your silent sales tool in growing your business, for less than the actual cost of employing one, that is a win win for you.


Local Google 3 pack ranking, can be the key to more business in your local area. Once you hold this position, you will be seen first in keyword searches, around your business niche. Bobby Barr Media marketing campaigns, (3 months minimum) help to provide those keywords needed to rank you in the google 3 pack.

The more campaigns you can publish tells google, your business is an authority in your sector. As a result Google will promote your business to appear for more keyword phrase searches. Your business now has the chance, to appear more in the Google 3 pack domination position. By being in this position, will win you more business than your competition, in the long run. See eg below


Online Digital Marketing & SEO Agencies

Bobby Barr Media are happy to work with larger marketing agencies, locally, nationally & worldwide to help enhance their business offerings. Agencies can use our campaign services, alongside their current practices, the results will provide a better service for your clients.

To have an informal discussion please arrange a strategy call below.


Google DNA Visibility marketing for local Businesses

Bobby Barr Media are currently looking for more clients. As a result we can showcase their services across our online, high-authority media platforms. Including but not limited to the following :-

Dentists Chiropractors Physiotherapists Osteopaths Real Estate agents Day care & child services Cemeteries & crematories Holistic & Alternative medical practitioners Storage Facilities Home improvement services Plumbers Electricians Wedding services Medical Aesthetics Business coaches Performance Coaches Consultants Training companies Podcasters Facilities Management Car Dealerships Solicitors Accountants Digital Media Agencies

Local Google SEO Visibility DNA digital marketing areas covered.

London Manchester Birmingham Leeds Liverpool Sheffield Nottingham Huddersfield Bradford Halifax Newcastle Glasgow Wales Ireland Northern Ireland Northamptonshire Bedfordshire Herfordshire Buckinghamshire Sussex USA Canada Australia New Zealand







The areas Bobby Barr Media covers as a digital marketing strategist services UK agency are. Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester Nottingham, Sheffield, London, Newcastle, Wales, Ireland, Scotland UK & United States

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Bobby Barr Media

Bobby Barr Media Marketing are an expert google DNA visibility & branding agency based in Halifax. Getting customers visibe on google & Bing 1st page is our guarantee, Contact us now for more information


Bobby Barr Media Marketing creating your Digital DNA. So you are omnipresent on omnichannels. creating your long term omnipresence online IN Google, Bing & Yahoo search engines.
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SEO Visibility Online Marketing for Local Businesses

Let Bobby Barr Media create a local SEO Visibility Online markeing DNA footprint in search engine 1st page results for your business now.....
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Accountants, Accountancy practices, Tax planning advisors, year end accounts booking keeping companies, if you are not visible online how can you attract new business? BECAUSE........