Offsite BIM Modern Methods Of Construction Modular Housing


Bobby Barr has circa 20 years experience in commercial sales & project management at director level in the construction, logistics & consulting environment providing services such as sales & operations management, waste management, aggregate supplies, muck shifting & tipper hire, groundworks, demolition as well as project managing many refurbishments and new build houses and apartments. It was in 2013 when building my own house that I came across offsite manufactured Hybrid & volumetric modular house build systems. I decided at the time that the volumetric modular construction system was too costly due to the resale value of where I wanted to build my house being lower than other parts of the country. It was at this time that I looked at modular timber frame & light gauge steel systems that were being used in the construction market, having weighed up the timber and light gauge steel systems I decided to use a light gauge hybrid modular house steel system that allowed me to put the superstructure frame up quicker than a traditional build. Once up the exterior and some of the interiors could be started together rather than waiting for all the externals to be done first, this allowed us a head start internally with first fix plumbing & electrics. Four years on and there are many more modular construction manufacturers and systems that have joined the market. The accreditations that are required for offsite modular construction systems to gain structural warranties and mortgages mean that the market is more regulated especially with the introduction of BOPAS (Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme) , during this process the Council of mortgage lenders were consulted meaning the quality of the products were to a very high rigorous and technical standard of regulation for all companies that became BOPAS accredited.

It is due to the offsite modular construction knowledge gained since 2013 that I have decided to start consulting and pass on my valuable experiences for developers and construction contractors who are seeking to use offsite modular manufactured systems that will enable them to complete their developments quicker and bring their finished properties to the market for sale in a timely manner saving them time and money on development finance costs of which I also provide consultancy services for.

If you are a developer, construction contractor, housing association or an investment company who would like to use the knowledge of a leading consultant who has a current understanding of all offsite Modular manufactured modern methods of construction for both hybrid and volumetric systems please contact me to discuss your requirements. I believe that offsite modular manufactured construction housing systems in conjunction with (BIM) building information modeling 3D imaging & 4D animation videos are the future to meeting the housing needs in all areas of the UK. If developers and construction contractors do not get on board this fast paced offsite modular construction train that is starting to gain valuable speed then they may get left behind by some of their competitors. Don’t allow this to happen, contact Bobby Barr Offsite MMC modular construction specialist consultant today.