Ionized Alkaline Kangen Water ®

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Own a kangen water alkaline ionizer machine
Celebrities Drinking Kangen Water
Own a kangen water alkaline ionizer machine


Kangen Ionized Alkaline water is a hydrogen rich tasting powerful antioxidant. It provides optimal health benefits for all who drink it.


Ever wished someone would just create a drug that cured all illness and improved overall health? Well, someone has. But it’s not a drug, its ionized alkaline Kangen water.

This article will debunk once and for all, because every untrue myth you’ve heard about ionized water and provide you with facts that are going to blow your mind.


Firstly, what is Ionized alkaline water?

A type of drinkable, multipurpose water that boosts health and well-being as a result of its powerful anti-oxidant properties. Ionized alkaline water contains free electrons which the human body mobilizes to eliminate all radical agents in the body.

Scientifically, radicals, when unchecked can cause real damage to our DNA and cells. This will speed up the aging process faster and leave the body vulnerable to a host of diseases.

Take a fresh apple for example, cut open and left on the kitchen table for several hours. Within that period of time, the fruit turns brown due to the exposure to harmful oxygen molecules in the air.

Same things happens in our body. Unstable molecules need electrons to remain stable in the body. When they do not find what they desperately need, the body suffers, subject to oxidation caused by these unstable molecules.

Contrary to some opinion, ionized alkaline water machines by Enagic™ are super safe and even certified as a medical device or instrument. As a matter of fact, ionizers for water have been a common device in health care in Asia for about 40 years.

Ionizers have been a useful weapon in helping many around the world fight diseases like cancer. More diseases fought are arthritis, diabetes, digestive problems, acid reflux, inflammatory conditions, gout, chronic pain, skin disorders, weight problems & fatigue.

Three important benefits of ionized alkaline water:

  • Acts as a strong anti-oxidant
  • Improves hydration of the cells
  • Restores pH balance of the body

Why an Acidic body state is not good.

There are many things that contribute to the acidity of the human body. These, go on to cause disease and/or other illnesses without the host knowing where the problem lies or stems from.

Most things we eat, type of air we breathe, things we drink, thoughts and even exercise can put us at risk or improve our well-being.

If for example, you suffer from regular infections, joint pain, colds, flu, lethargy. Do you feel off and unhealthy when you look at your skin, hair and nails? You’re probably acidic. High levels of acid in the body is often as a result of some of the sweet but poisonous foods we eat and drink.

What happens when water is ionized?

Electrical bonding of water molecules are broken down and then restructured into 5-8 molecules per cluster instead of 12-16 molecules. Small molecule clusters mean that cellular absorption is guaranteed to be easier thus, excellent body hydration plus an anti-oxidation process.

Now, let’s introduce Kangen Water® and all it has to offer.


Kangen Water ®

This brand from Enagic™ is currently one of the leading within the ionized alkaline water industry. It is not just the most popular but the most expensive as well due to its quality and value.

Kangen water® belongs to a special line of machines for ionizing water and is a trademarked term by a multi-level-marketing company for ionized alkaline water based in Japan: Enagic™.

According to Enagic™, regular water types from reverse osmosis, tap water, bottled water and so on are a health risk. Because they contain plenty of contaminants compared to ionized water, which is not only beneficial for drinking but for beauty care, cooking and cleaning.

A genius technology behind Kangen water® produces delicious water from electrolysis and filters tap water.

Alkaline Kangen Water is a part of a line of Enagic™ products:

  • Beauty Water
  • Kangen Water
  • Strong Kangen Water
  • Clean Water
Is alkaline water actually better for you?

Beauty Water

Beauty water by Enagic™ is not suitable for drinking as a result of its slight acidity and astringent effect. However, this type of water is superb for beauty purposes and mild, gentle cleaning. It contains pH of 4.0-6.0.

Usage: food preservation (frozen), face wash, cleaning, hair care, polishing, pet care.

Spraying Beauty Water on your frozen foods helps them retain their flavor after they have thawed out.

For beauty care, the astringent properties of Enagic™ Beauty Water are great and highly effective for firming up your skin and giving it a lovely tone. Simply pat down the area of your face after use and leave to dry.

With Enagic’s Cleaning Water, you can remove all kinds of dirt from surfaces such as ceramic tiles, marble and hardwood.

Use Beauty Water to get the best results when you polish your glass objects; windows, mirrors, spectacles and so on.

Enagic Beauty Water is also an ideal substitute for hair conditioner. It is highly effective in giving your hair a healthy glow and keeping the tangles out.

This works for pet care as well.


Kangen Well Enagic Water for beauty care.
Kangen wellbeing acidic beauty care water

Strong Kangen Water

Like Beauty Water, Strong Kangen Water is great for everything but drinking. It contains pH 11 that make it ideal for cleaning and food preparation as it conducts heat and effectively dissolves dirt without leaving residue.

Clean cutting boards and dishcloths. Good for cleaning oil and tough grime from vents, as well as for general cleaning in the kitchen.

Strong Kangen Water has tough absorption power that will take out coffee stains, oil stains, fruit stains, soy sauce stains. Virtually any kind of stain without much effort.

Kangen strong Water also has enough power to keep your toilet sparkling and duty-free.

In many Oriental countries, Strong Kangen Water is used to take the rawness out of vegetables such as bamboo, wasabi, Fern and green onions.

Strong Kangen Water for food preparation & cleaning
Strong Kangen Water for food preparation & cleaning

Clean Water

  • Enagic™ clean water is rust free as well as chlorine free. This water is not cloudy at all and is delicious to taste. Recommended usage is in taking drugs or other medications and baby food.

Clean Water is neutral and contains pH 7.

Now, that we have distinguished between Enagic water that is drinkable and the one that is not, let’s go to the good stuff.


Kangen Water ®

With a pH of 8.5-9.5, Kangen ionized alkaline water is the best for drinking and safe, healthy cooking. Kangen Water® is your go-to water for optimal health, thanks to its hydrogen-packed and electrolytically reduce quality. Your body will always be in a balanced alkaline state with Kangen Water®.

There’s more! Kangen Water® is environment and pocket friendly, meaning that your days of dealing with buying of costly plastic water bottles and where to store them are over. What’s not to like?

Use Kangen Water® for your cooking: soups, coffee, stews and anything that would need water.

This type of water is also great for watering your beloved plants, preserving frozen food and drinking. So yes, load your fridge with Kangen Water® or use it in that fruit juice that you like.

Compared to regular tap water, Kangen Water® does not have an unpleasant odor and feels light in the mouth with a sweet flavor.

This special ionized water enhances the flavor of your veggies when you pre-boil them with Kangen Water®.

With this, you do not need to use so much salt and other condiments to prepare your vegetables. Kangen Water® is also great for cleaning any kind of fish.

Want a good coffee? Make it with Kangen Water®. The end result will be the best coffee you have ever tasted.

Our Kangen Water® will bring out the color of your coffee or tea while giving it a pleasant aroma with a more full and rich taste, courtesy of its ability to extract and enhance.

With Kangen ionized alkaline water, your plants will flourish and grow with a healthy flair. Kangen Water® stimulates germination and boosts the development of seedlings.

Ionized Kangen water is also highly effective in drawing out the flavor of ingredients so that excess salting and seasoning can be avoided.

Enagic Kangen Alkaline Water Machine
Enagic Kangen Alkaline Water Machine

Oxidation reduction potential of Kangen Water ®

ORP refers to the potential a particular substance has to reduce oxidation. In this science, a minus is actually a good thing, meaning that the higher the negative value of Oxidation Reduction Potential, the safer or better the substance.

Why Oxidative stress, inflammation and cancer are linked

A pH scale will tell you, the acidity of a substance can be measured or determined. pH means potential of hydrogen and a pH scale ranges from 0 to 14.

This is how it works

  •  pH of 7 (neutral)
  • pH of 7 upwards (alkaline-rich)
  • pH of less than 7 (acidic)

When a material is exposed to rust, it begins to breakdown. This is what is known as oxidation.

It is not harmful when it is in the right amount, but excessive amounts will cause oxidation to take place, affecting the functionality of that living structure.


Why ORP and pH is important

Drinking water safety is determined by two things: ORP and pH. Activity of hydrogen ions in a substance produces a solution that is either alkaline or acidic.

Our human body contains plenty of pH levels in unique areas. These pH levels are maintained and regulated by a remarkable internal system.

When we ingest foods or drinks with high oxidation potential, it compromises this built-in system our body naturally has.

Kangen Water ® and ORP

Normally Kangen Water® has a pH range of 8.5-9.5 and an ORP range of –200 to –850, ideal for drinking while getting health boosts with each sip.

With the concentration of electrolysis in Kangen Water®, you can have reduced drinking water with a negative potential that is great for your body.

It cannot be debated that water treated with electrolysis has higher reduction potential, required to block or neutralize attacks from free unstable radicals on normal tissue.

Enagic Kangen Ionized water oxidation reduction potential
Enagic Kangen Ionized water oxidation reduction potential

Benefits of Kangen Water ®

Micro Clustering

According to preliminary studies, Kangen Water® possesses micro clustering qualities that gives it structured molecules of alkaline water that are incredibly small.


Universally, water is ideal for evacuating or flushing out waste products and any toxins in the body.

The delicious taste of Kangen Water® as well as its negative Oxidation Reduction Potential are a powerful combo when it comes to eliminating radicals in the body and providing needed hydration.


Kangen ionized alkaline water is easily absorbed by the body, thereby increasing its drinkability. With Kangen Water®, you won’t feel bloated after drinking the recommended 8 glasses per day.

Encouraging Life Longevity

Due to healthy proportions of alkaline in Kangen Water®, health and longevity are one of the scientifically proven advantages of Kangen ionized alkaline water.

Free Radical Scavenging

Where acidic substances will ravage your organs, Kangen ionized alkaline water poses a super strong counter effect to these free radicals.

Good Kangen water will not only protect your organs, but also support and promote their various health.

With Kangen Water®, your body has needed anti-oxidants to fight against scavenging radicals our body gets exposed to through what we eat or drink.


Does alkaline water actually improve your health?

Kangen Water Conclusions

One of the ways in which we can fortify our body’s buffering system is by increasing antioxidants and reducing consumption of acidic substances that literally kill us with every bite or every sip.

Kangen ionized alkaline water is a full package that contains all the right amounts of alkaline our body needs for enhanced performance and a sense of well-being.

Your body will take you, and with its delicious flavor, guarantees you a pleasant experience every time you drink this ionized alkaline water. What are you waiting for? Hit the buy button and get yourself some Kangen Water ® from your own medical grade machine.


What is the Meaning of “Kangen”

Meaning of Kangen in Japanese is “returning back to origin”

Or “returning back to its original state”

Enagic™ Moto Followed is:

Change your water Change your Life ®

By changing your water, you can change your life

Independent distributor ID #4408001 is required when purchasing a machine online.





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