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Ideas are great. And more so when they can be brought to reality and promoted to add value or improve the life of others and the world at large. Folks have fantastic ideas all the time, and as time goes on, they build around that idea to create a brand with robust potentials.

But it seems that where most people get stuck is how to create visibility and influence for their brand and what it provides. So you have this excellent brand offering a product or a service, but almost nobody knows it exists, especially on the digital market where it ‘all goes down.’

This article contains a thorough compilation of everything you need to know about Google local SEO visibility and how it works.


What is Local SEO visibility?

What is known in digital marketing as local SEO visibility is a metric showing you how often your website is found on the Internet. This metric tells you what percentage of organic clicks your site is getting for a particular keyword.

To fully grasp the pure science behind local SEO visibility, do not take this subject to mean raw traffic numbers. That’s missing the point. Understanding SEO visibility understands the position you are in the SERPs compared to your competitors.

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Let’s breakdown the big words

When you say a website has 100% visibility, this means that it has bagged all the organic spots in Google for a particular keyword plus every SERP feature deemed click-worthy.

While being able to secure 100% Google local SEO visibility is the best thing that can happen to a website, this is something that rarely ever happens.

All things being equal, having 35% local SEO visibility puts you at #1 for the particular keyword you are using. The URL, domain, or subdomain being tracked is at #1 of all the keywords on that project.

 This 35% is equivalent to the number of clicks you can expect to get when ranking #1 for a search term.

Concerning this, your Google local SEO visibility stands at 2% if you rank #10, for example. Visibility% increases as you move up in ranking and decreases if your website falls further away from Google’s top search results.

This means that if you are aiming to gain more visibility for your website, be sure not to end up anywhere else besides the first page. Anything outside this gives you 0% visibility. Page two to the infinity of a Google page is literally for flotsam and jetsam. You do not want your website to end up there.

On the bright side, ranking #1 and #2 means you are on Google’s first and second page. The result is simply 55% local SEO visibility.


This is what we’ve been trying to say

Assume that there are two sites ranked in the top 100 for two keywords. For the first site, each keyword position is at #1 and #100 positions, while the other side is both at #50.

Altogether, both sites have an average position, but the visibility of the first is going to be much higher because it’s in at least one leading position for one of the keywords.

The more accurate representation of the keyword state of a site is in its visibility, not its position. As a brand, the bigger your profile, the bigger the chances of pulling new visitors to your website.

What solutions does Bobby Barr Media provide?

First and foremost, let’s give a proper introduction. Bobby Barr Media is a media company that provides businesses in all sectors around the world with excellent Google web online services in major publications like USA Today, Yahoo Finance and many high traffic publications using insightful and top-notch articles, video & audio materials, slide-share and PDF formats.

Based in Halifax, Bobby Barr media are one of the top online agencies for expert Google digital marketing DNA visibility and branding. This renowned agency offers SEO visibility for 1st page ranking on Google & Bing.

Bobby Barr media is 100% focused on drawing that much-needed clientele to your doorstep with solutions designed and tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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Digital Marketing Branding Visibility SEO


Why does Google local SEO visibility matter?

If you’re not fully grasped the importance of a digital edge in what you do, then this probably the question that would be on your mind. But why should you care what your visibility score is?

  • The metric of local SEO visibility allows you to easily and quickly diagnose SEO problems. If you’ve been boosted by an algorithm update or you’ve been hit by a penalty, local  SEO visibility metric helps you ascertain that.
  • Local SEO visibility allows you to see the overall SEO performance of your site from a functional point or a birds-eye-view-perspective. With SEO visibility metric, you can tell how big your slice of available website traffic is.
  • This metric provides you with adequate insight as to how much traffic there is to grab instead of just raw SEO traffic numbers.
  • Using this tool for your website, you will notice all and any improvements when you compare your results for specific keywords.

Using our first illustration, assume that you get 200 visits for the primary keyword and a hundred visits for the second keyword. In this situation, it is challenging to choose which keyword to invest your time.

But visibility insights will show you that both the first and second keyword have visibility of 55% and 12%, respectively. This indicates that the profile for the primary keyword is at its max, while that of the second would need more work.

Now here is a contingent most people get confused.

Local SEO traffic and local SEO visibility. What’s the difference?

Local SEO traffic is the total of the number of visitors your site is getting. This is simply an absolute value that shows you how much ‘clicks’ you’re getting.

Local SEO visibility, on the other hand, shows you the percent of the available pool of clicks you’re getting. This relative value represented by a percentage showing you how much of the market your website is open and visible.

Quite interesting is that your local SEO visibility can remain stable through your local SEO traffic may be fluctuating. This shows the core difference between the two, so do not take both terms to mean the same thing.

Local SEO visibility, when it is losing, will affect your local SEO traffic, but your profile is not affected when you lose or gain local SEO traffic.

So if you think there is a not right with your website and want to be sure, simply check out your local SEO visibility to identify the problem. Sometimes, the issue may be technical problems, Google penalties, or algorithm updates.

Well, now that you know what is Google local SEO visibility and the difference it has with local SEO traffic, how do you do when your site is losing clarity? Hang on tight for our list of common indicators:

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Indicator #1: Lost organic traffic

First and foremost, note that the most effective tool in the business for evaluating potential loss of local SEO traffic is Google Analytics. When your site loses local SEO visibility, it reflects in the organic traffic statistics of your website.

Being able to assess your overall organic traffic keeps you abreast of the issue and its severity. To do this, go to the GA profile, check for differences between your traffic numbers now and before, say weeks or months back.

Start by going to your GA profile and check if your traffic numbers seem out of place compared with the average figures across the previous weeks/months. Red flags to watch out for are:

  • Stats drop or step down
  • A sudden drop in search traffic

Indicator #2: Less leads in your funnel

Leads are vitally connected to whatever amount of traffic you’re getting. This means that loss in your leads can affect your visibility.

Indicator #3: Lost rankings

Lost rankings mean that some of your website traffic is gone. When this happens, start looking into your search engine rankings with these two tools:

  • Ahrefs
  • GSC (Google Search Control)

Ahrefs is more straightforward than Google’s tools, which make you do plenty of guesswork just to check where you rank for specific keywords. Track keywords and examine how they perform by adding them to Rank Tracker.

 Ahrefs gives you a complete chart spanning the period you first added that keyword to your present stage. This tool also allows you to monitor any changes in rankings that have happened recently on your website. Navigate Organic keywords to do so.

When you are up to date on this, you can thus figure out why your site is losing valuable local SEO visibility and how to put it back on track.

GSC, on the other hand, keeps you informed of all and any manual actions taking against your site. Navigate Search Traffic and then Manual Actions to do this.

What you will see is the Manual Actions panel in GA or Manual Action taken GSC. The former is what appears if everything is in order while the latter appears when there is a problem.

Also, GSC provides occasionally provides you with impressions data. This means the number of links to your website a user saw in Google search results. Equally, you will receive insight into any issues with your local SEO visibility in your impressions graph.

Let’s take a look at common reasons why sites lose visibility

  • Host issues

Is this a thing? Yes, it is, and it happens more frequently than you think. It’s not cliché to ask your host to run a check when you lose local SEO visibility. Sometimes the problem is not from your end.

  • Featured snippets

Snippets are only helpful to the person searching, not for you, as they tend to steal clicks from the #1 keyword. So if you are trying to rank for a keyword, then this is something that needs to be handled. A study by Ahref showed that 12% of search queries are from sites that featured snippets in their SERPs.

  • Algorithm updates

With the Panguin tool, you can fish out any connection between Google algorithm updates and search engine traffic. While Google is highly proficient at algorithm updates, it can be bad for your site and stressful for you.

Open your Panguin tool, log in your details, and select the Google Analytics profile you desire.

  • Lost backlinks

To discover lost backlinks, use the Ahref tool to navigate Backlinks/Lost from the central sidebar in your dashboard. The next step is to adjust the time frame you want and refresh the list by most essential URLs or domains.

  • Technical glitches.

Technical glitches happen for a host of reasons:

Non-mobile friendly site

As we all know it, the world is going digital, and this development can and should be optimized if you’re talking visibility and influence for your brand. To adapt to the factor people using their phones more than their devices, optimize your site to accommodate mobile visits

Server offline

Hook your site up to the right tools to enable you to monitor if your site goes offline. If your site has too much downtime, then there’s a possibility Google is going to penalize you for it.

Ideally, this is one of the first things you should check.

Un-optimized site redesign

Double-check to ensure that no technical glitches pop up after you have conducted maintenance on your website.

Wrong use of “canonical” tag

Not many folks know this, thus the regular misuse. The tag tells Google which version of a page you like to have displayed in the SERPs. People tend to either mix up relative URLs or direct them to the first page of a paginated series, which is the wrong way to use tags.

Havoc-wrecking updates

When you use a poorly designed update, you could lose some of your custom settings or redirects in the process. That update you’re planning to introduce may be incompatible with the plugins you have already running in parallel, so be sure that an update you plan to add is compatible.

Run back to your Google Analytics chart now and check to see if you made some changes to your site before the traffic started dropping.

Besides losing valuable local SEO visibility, URL structure could be changed; pages could get blocked or deleted, among other troubles due to technical glitches. Stay informed and alert.

  • Competitors websites

In a digital world that is always on the move, be sure to expect new stakes to beat from your competitors. You may be losing visibility because your competitors have simply upped their game and the ante as well.

It’s okay to check the sites of your competitors, see if they have new links, examine their content, and step up your own game.


Never ignore when your local SEO visibility drops. You will either have to go tough in tackling the problem or go home. This how important local SEO visibility for your site is.

To avoid any future problems, get the Ahrefs tool to maximize all it has to offer in terms of local SEO visibility and keeping your website stable with steady progress.

Follow every tip in this article and you will never be caught unawares where you website is concerned.


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