Google brand Visibility domination with google 3 pack.

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Google brand Visibility domination with google 3 pack, is the key to your business being successful in your local business area and niche. Bobby Barr Media helps our clients, to gain better exposure in google by placing them in our affiliated news sites, you as a business, could not do this for what Bobby Barr Media offer cost is, the cost of one major publication could be 5 figures at least if you went alone to do this.

Google brand Visibility domination

Bobby Barr Media can place your business, in multiple media news publication sites, for less than some companies pay for tea & coffee per week.

Is this amazing or not? your business can benefit from Bobby Barr Media special rates.

New age of digital media marketing

The new age of digital media marketing for businesses, is to have their very own affordable sales consultancy tool working in the background, creating more exposure for your business, than your own employees can, and for less, yes for less. Once Bobby Barr Media place your business in our high authority media news sites, you will start to get more organic traffic back, to your website and social media channels for many years to come, for many keyword phrases that you would not have ranked for before.

Dominating The Google 3 pack

Google brand Visibility domination
Bobby Barr media helps client to dominate google 3 pack

When your business starts investing wisely, in your future google profile, that is affordable, has high quality traffic sources, your website will be classed as an authority by google algorithms, this will push more organic traffic your way, for many keyword searches in the areas that your business operates in. This term is called citations, to explain in laymans terms, your business website and social media platform links, are being placed in many publications around the world, these media news sites then push your information, around to other smaller media channels automatically. Your business links can end up being on Google news, Bing news, blogs like facebook & twitter, audio podcast sites like Podbean & Buzzsprout, slideshares like Linkedin for example.

All these sites will then push your material to even smaller news sites across the world, this happens in the same way that the current coronavirus is being spread, and at an exponentially rate. Once you are there, your footprint has been made for you to benefit for many years to come potentially.


Bobby Barr media wants to help businesses throughout the covid-19 pandemic, we have created a special offer by using BBM-COVID19, to get this you must commit to a 6-12 month visibility campaign.

We have a special offer running at present at this link, sign up and you will be taken to the offer page, once you have seen it, contact Bobby Barr Media HERE using the code BBM-COVID19 mentioned above, we can arrange a call to discuss and provide you with our even better special offer throughout this pandemic.


How businesses can get better online visibility & branding in google for covid-19 lockdown UK, USA

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Bobby Barr Media help businesses to create their own Digital DNA Omnipresence online. Across multimedia omnichannles, in articles, videos, audio and other formats. Thus ensuring your business is omnipresent, digitally for 2021 and beyond. Bobby Barr Media Guarantees Google & Bing & Yahoo 1st page ranking for your business. We create content and showcase what you do, and publish it online digitally. By utilising off page backlink building strategies to enhance your on page seo. Bobby Barr Media provides a DFY or PAYG. One stop shop for digital marketing management services. Once you create your Digital DNA Visibility & Omnipresence. Your business will receive more organic we traffic from search engines. Google, Bing & Yahoo for a long time thereafter.

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