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Why its important to rank on Google & Bing 1st page keyword searches

Google & Bing first page ranking is very important for businesses, it allows them the chance to grow, along with having more enquiries than their competitors. This is the key ingredient needed to dominate your competition locally for Google & Bing keyword searches.

How can I rank above my competitors?

Bobby Barr Media suggest you check your competitors out, see what SEO they are using to rank. Google yourself and see what keywords you rank for, optimise your website and social media accounts to match or better what your competition is doing.

5 Top Tips to Optimise your Business to Rank Better in Google & Bing.

Here are 5 Top Tips to Optimise your Business to Rank Better in Google & Bing.

Find New & Similar keywords around your business services your competitors use. When putting new content out, use the words you have chosen.

Optimise & update your website regularly for Google & Bing first page ranking opportunities, once your updated website content has been crawled by Google & Bing, you now have more chance to rank on the 1st pages.

Create social media accounts for your business, put content out in video, audio & Picture plus text format.

Having a Blog page on your website is essential to getting your message out, write content around your niche, put links in back to your website & social media accounts.

You must create back link citations from high authority domains, this will help to rank you higher in Google & Bing 1st pages.

#1 Paid Google & Bing Visibility DNA SEO services

If you are still struggling after doing all of the above top tips, you can reach reach out for paid services. Bobby Barr Media are experts in Google Visibility DNA SEO strategies, you can reach out and let us help you to get the desired results you require.





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Bobby Barr Media
Bobby Barr Media
Bobby Barr Media are online google DNA SEO visibility & branding experts. We help create your own online visibility dna omnipresence in articles, videos, audios, inforgraphics, pdf & slideshare formats. Bobby Barr Media Guarantees Google & Bing & Yahoo 1st page ranking for your business. We create content about what you do and expose it to up to 500 media publications, this creates off page backlink to improve your seo. From this you are pushed higher up the search engine rankings. This allows your business to find more customers, clients or patients quickly. By doing this google will reward you with more organic traffic for new keyword searches in your chosen business niche. Businesses need to become smarter in engaging with current and new customers during COVID-19 lockdown. Bobby Barr Media will become your most affordable sales asset, ensuring you are seen on Google 1st page more often, for new customers to see you. Bobby Barr Media believe it is the future to grow your business, locally, nationally and internationally for any company in any business sector, from any country. Bobby Barr Media Guarantees Google & Bing 1st page ranking for keywords in your business field.

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