David Icke interview Londonreal TV

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David Icke interview Londonreal
David Vaughan Icke is an English conspiracy theorist and former footballer and sports broadcaster.

David Icke interview Londonreal can be watched here, this video has been taken down from Youtube for allegedly violating policies for speaking about 5g and covid-19 in the same breathe.

David Icke claims that he has been writing about our current world affairs for 30 years now, he is encouraging people to stand up, for not only their future, but that of their children & grandchildren also. It is not too late according to David who states we have accepted Acquiescence (the reluctant acceptance of something without protest) for far too long now.

Whilst on lockdown David mentions that the 21 new locations within the UK are rolling out 5g and tat COVID-19 is a smokescreen to what is really going on. David also says that the cult are wanting to control mankind by creating a vaccine with a microchip that can control and manipulate the whole population both mentally and physically at will, through the use of digitisation of money.

Many people have expressed their concerns of 5g not being good for human health, David explains that when 5g is turned up to 60 Ghz, the lack of oxygen supply to peoples lungs could mean we may see people passing out in the street. https://www.davidicke.com/article/567572/5g-oxygen-moronic-media-isnt-telling-along-everything-else The want of the cult to control the human population means, that by 2030 this could become a reality unless, as David says, we stop being Acquiescence.

Brian Rose in summing up asked David for his final thoughts, David mentioned that the Cult are now out in the open with the door firmly bolted behind them, it was now time for the population to stand up against them, to stop them getting their way in controlling the masses forever. Absolutely fascinating insight to what David has echoed and others for a very long time.

The interview can be seen here https://londonreal.tv/the-coronavirus-conspiracy-how-covid-19-will-seize-your-rights-destroy-our-economy-david-icke/

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